Five miles of rocky coast-line in th east of Liguria, 2 rocky promontories at the uttermost ends, thousands of kilometres of dry stone walls full of vine cultivations, five small villages suspended on the rocky hill sides overlooking the sea. These are the Cinque Terre. This territory has finally become a National Park and is under Unesco protection since 1997 as it is an important naturalistic environment. This area is characterised by the presence of steep hillside facades cultivated with vines using the terrace cultivation method. The transformation of this territory is proof of what hard work can achieve.


Also unmissable in the area are the charming small towns and villages of Lerici, Tellaro and Portovenere where an atmosphere of peace and harmony reigns supreme. For those who love walking, we also suggest the path that descends from Montemarcello to Punta Corvo. There are also marvellous coves, accessible on foot or by boat, where it is possible to relax with an amazing view of the Ligurian Sea.


From the tourist’s point of view: It ‘important to note that the Cinque Terre are not identifiable as a classic tourist destination … particularly in Manarola and Corniglia everything has remained as before, not adapted to the new tourist vocation of these places; the lives of the people is only marginally influenced by tourism. This is undoubtedly the strong point of the Cinque Terre: a different dimension, away from the stress of the city and yet far from the tourist havens of ” all inclusive ‘where everything is carefully planned and organized. Of course this uniqueness requires some sacrifices: the difficulty of movements, the inconvenience of parking, lack of services, tiring up and down … The Cinque Terre definitely are not for everyone; not for those who love (and is also a very respectable point of view) only a convenient and served holiday … we do not want to run the risk that the tourist can expect something different from reality; But we know that those who truly love the Cinque Terre would not different than they do!